A modern quilt design that shows white circular shapes in a lattice outline on a dark navy background and a green plant in the left hand corner adorns the image

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Hi Quilters!

Welcome to the Modern Heirloom Quilting Book Blog Hop!

My name is Katherine, and I have been pattern testing quilts for quilt designers now for the past two years. I volunteered to pattern test for @alderwoodstudios back in January 2021. I absolutely love modern quilt designs and Amber's syle is so original, eye catching and modern. Making her quilt designs has been such fun, and when Amber asked if I would like to participate in her Quilting Book Blog Hop, I was like... YASSS, sign me up!

Being one of Amber's pattern testers has increased my quilting skills so much. One thing that I love about her designs, is that they always look so impactful and complicated. Amber breaks down the instructions in her patterns so well, they are easy to understand and the quilts are REALLY exciting to make. As I maker its an absolute joy to watch it come together before your very eyes, for your own big reveal right at the very end. Modern Heirloom Quilting 12 Contemporary Quilts for the Modern Home, is full of beautiful original modern quilt patterns for you to enjoy and make.

The Clementine Quilt

The Clementine Quilt in Amber's new book Modern Heirloom Quilting, is a perfect example of a beautiful elegant and clever design....AND this one is all about strips! 

Using my favourite fabrics, AGF Pure Solids, I chose Nocturnal, a beautiful dark inky navy blue, and Snow White for a sparkling contrasting accent. 

pieces of white and dark navy fabric cut into strips and numbered hung up on a ladder
I had spent approximately an hour and a half on a Friday evening cutting my pieces and labelling them up. Top Tip: if you do not want to get all muddled, I highly recommend you label your pieces! I know it seem like a tedious task at the time, but when it comes to chain piecing, you will be so glad you did it. I tend to just cut a piece of paper up in to little 2" squares, label them, and pin the to the correct piece of cut fabric. 
Pieces of fabric laid out on a cutting mat with a yellow rotary cutter pictured to the left hand side
I love patterns that involve strip piecing, I get into the groove and I have that feeling in my mind that this is going to magically come together quite quickly. 
A white piece of fabric on top of a navy piece of fabric that are being sewn together length-ways on a sewing machine
If you have the XL Stripology Ruler, then it will certainly come in very handy when making the Clementine Quilt because once you have cut these initial strips, and strip pieced these, then you get to cut.....even more strips! Enter the magic XL Stripology Ruler....
A large rectangle piece of navy fabric sandwiched between two white samller rectangles of fabric, top and bottom, with a large ruler lain on top and a yellow rotary cutter pictured at the bottom.

These second cut strips are all different sizes and all look really cool! At this point I was so impatient, and I still could not really imagine how it was going to come together. Too excited to do anything other than to...keep going....(midnight quilter mentality!)

Top Tip: Make sure you keep labelling as you go. Don't get your pieces all muddled up. Keep them all in nice little piles of fabric. 

Strips of white and navy fabric pieces of fabric that have been sewn together and cut into strips laid out on the cutting table and numbered as per the patten instructions with a ruler in the background

Once you start piecing the blocks, everything comes together really quickly, and before you know it..... you end up with this beauty before your eyes. 

a close up image of the finished quilt top that pictures white circular pieces with a dark navy background and a green plant is pictured on the left hand side

As you can see, the Clementine Quilt pattern in Amber's new book is exceptionally impactful and elegant. It has beautiful clean lines which looks exquisite in the modern home.

A stylised photograph of the finished quilt pictured on a bed with a white bed side table next to it. There is a green plant on the left hand side and a modern picture hung on the wall with a dark frame

Amber's instructions are so clear in her new book and it is full of absolutely gorgeous photography and wonderful colour ideas. You will absolutely find something in there that will suit your taste and something that you will want to want to make. I have already got my eyes on my next project from Modern Heirloom Quilting.

A close up picture of a book with images of a quilt with a tulip design

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A picture of a open quilt book that shows the introduction page and some colourful images of quilts.


Book Link

SO... where to buy this amazing book with all these lovely patterns in I hear you cry!!!..... Well here is the link for you to grab yourself a copy, of Modern Heirloom Quilting. You can purchase direct from Amber's website: 
An arial view of the front cover of Modern Heirloom Quilting Book is pictured


Happy Quilting Quilters!!


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